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Spatulas, Postmortem

Definition : Spatulas designed to spread/remove materials, cells, and/or tissues from the body (e.g., skin, body cavity, organ) following death (i.e., autopsy procedures). Postmortem spatulas are typically sturdier than regular spatulas and consist of a metallic (e.g., stainless steel) handheld instrument with a straight or curved, thin, flat, blunt distal tip. Some postmortem spatulas have working tips on both ends and can be used in gross dissection. Postmortem spatulas are used during autopsy, forensic, and other procedures on cadavers.

Entry Terms : "Spatulas, Autopsy" , "Autopsy Spatulas" , "Spatulas, Dissection, Postmortem" , "Dissection Spatulas, Postmortem"

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