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Carts, Storage/Transport, Radioactive Material

Definition : Storage/transport carts designed for temporary storage and local transportation of radioactive materials inside a particular area of a healthcare facility. These carts usually consist of a sturdy metal structure mounted on medium or large wheels (typical diameter of 7.5 to 12.5 cm/3 to 5 in) that are capable of supporting heavy weights. The carts typically include a detachable container with a single- or double-lined as shielding for the radioactive material. Some carts do not include shielding, making it necessary to use double-shielded radioactive safe containers for transportation. Radioactive material carts are used to transport radioactive materials such as radiopharmaceuticals, PET isotopes, and radium inside nuclear medicine areas and/or from those areas to the patient room.

Entry Terms : "Radium Transport Carts" , "Isotope Transport Carts" , "Radiopharmaceutical Transport Carts" , "PET Isotope Transport Carts" , "Radioactive Material Transport Carts" , "Radioactive Material Storage Carts"

UMDC code : 27921


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