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Carts, Service/Utility, Pallet

Definition : Dedicated platform service/utility carts designed with a fork-like structure appropriate to manipulate detachable platform pallets. These carts are intended for temporary storing and local transportation, usually confined to a particular area of a healthcare facility. These carts (also known as pallet jacks) typically consist of a sturdy metal, wooden, or hard plastic pallet that is placed as a horizontal platform mounted in a two-prong frontal fork that is an integral part of a cart. The cart is mounted on large (e.g., 7.5 cm/3 in in diameter) wheels. Pallet carts are usually moved manually but electrically (battery) operated carts are also available; they are available in a variety of configurations, sizes, and load capabilities. Some carts include attachments to secure the loads while transporting. They are mostly used in central supply areas, warehouses, maintenance departments, and other areas in healthcare facilities where heavy loads are frequently handled.

Entry Terms : "Utility Carts, Pallet" , "Service Carts, Pallet" , "Pallet Carts" , "Carts, Service/Utility, Platform, Pallet" , "Pallet Jacks"

UMDC code : 27891


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