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Autologous Fat Transfer Units

Definition : Equipment designed for automated adipose tissue (i.e., fat) transfer from a donor site to other area of the body of the same person (i.e., autologous) in one procedure. This equipment typically consists of a central unit that includes a vacuum pump, a centrifuge, and a filtering system to separate adipose tissue from other fluids such as blood; the unit also includes a detachable probe with a cannula or a small diameter needle at the distal end intended for fat harvesting and re-injection, respectively. Autologous fat transfer units are used mainly in body reconstruction and/or cosmetic procedures (e.g., breast augmentation or reconstruction, cosmetic procedures in the face).

Entry Terms : "Liposuction Kits" , "Lipokits" , "Lipo Kits" , "Fat Transfer Units" , "Fat Transfer Systems" , "Fat Grafting Units" , "Adipose Tissue Transfer Units"

UMDC code : 27649


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Genesis Biosystems

GENESIS BIOSYSTEMS is a certified ISO 13485 manufacturer of quality aesthetic and biomedical products. We stand behind our company's product brands, customer support, product warranty and service, and continually strive to produce new and innovative products to meet the needs of our customers and the aesthetic industry.

Lipose Corp

Founded in 2003, Liposeā„¢ Corp. is focused on developing new tools and patented processes for use by physicians for cosmetic and reconstructive purposes.

MD Resource Corp

The Aquavage is a sterile, single-use, closed system for fat harvesting. Aquavage in 1, 2 or 3 liter containers, which can be connected in-line with any aspiration pump. The fat is harvested using your preferred liposuction cannula at reduced flow volumes (18 in Hg/500mm Hg).

Medi-Khan Inc

Medi-Khan Inc. is dedicated to marketing and distributing the proprietarily patented products based on autologous fat tissue engineering and science like Lipokit, an all-in-one closed system for enriched autologous fat transfer, MaxStem for real-time isolation of Adipose-dervied stem cells, Filler-Geller for autologous fat fillers and adipose-tissue derived scaffolds.

Palomar Medical Technologies Inc

Palomar Medical Technologies designs, produces and sells the most advanced cosmetic lasers and intense pulsed light (IPL) systems to dramatically improve the appearance of women's and men's skin.

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