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Infusion Pumps, Multitherapy, Ambulatory, Electronic, Single-Patient

Definition : Multitherapy electronic ambulatory infusion pumps designed for use on only one patient (i.e., single-patient) that are small enough to be worn or carried by patients and designed for use in delivering liquids through intravenous, epidural, or subcutaneous routes from internal reservoirs at pre-established accurate flow rates. Single-patient pumps usually consist of a battery-powered pumping mechanism which uses fingerlike disks to occlude the IV tubing successively in a rippling, wavelike motion. This moves fluid from the internal solution container to the patient. Less frequently, pumps using syringe drivers with spring-powered mechanisms are used. Single-patient electronic ambulatory pumps may include electronic controls to select the infused dose or volume and alert messages to indicate abnormal conditions; the pumps usually include a refillable reservoir for long-term therapy. Multitherapy electronic single-patient ambulatory pumps are programmed to deliver medicines in continuous or intermittent mode but some may permit bolus delivery.

Entry Terms : "Single-Patient Electronic Ambulatory Infusion Pumps" , "Infusion Pumps, Multitherapy, Ambulatory, Single-Use" , "Single-Use Ambulatory Infusion Pumps"

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