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Dental Materials, Impression, Compound, Wax

Definition : Compound dental impression materials with thermoplastic properties, whose main component is wax. They are designed to make an accurate negative reproduction of a given area of the oral cavity. These compound dental impression materials consist of a base wax (e.g., hydrocarbon or ester types), additional waxes acting as modifiers, colorants, and excipients. Compound wax dental impression materials are supplied in sheets, wafers, and/or sticks. These compound dental impression materials should not shrink or distort as they cool. They are used in dental offices for checking and maintaining accurate occlusal records, for construction of nonmetallic denture bases and for laboratory work.

Entry Terms : "Wax Compound Dental Impression Materials" , "Dental Impression Materials, Wax Compound"

UMDC code : 27378


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Aluwax Dental Products Co

Aluwax Dental Products Company produces dental bite and impression waxes that come in wax only forms and, waxed cloth forms, which deliver accuracy, detail, retain heat longer for efficient modeling and are available in different styles to accommodate various dental techniques.

Kerr (USA)

Kerr Corporation, a subsidiary of Sybron Dental Specialties, is a manufacturer of premiere dental consumables sold both domestically and internationally. Since 1891, Kerr has been developing and manufacturing dental products that are used in every dental restorative procedure today.

Mizzy Inc

Keystone Industries, also known as Mycone Dental Supply Co. Inc, is a privately held group of dental, cosmetic and medical device manufacturing and distribution subsidiaries.

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