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Dental Materials, Impression, Rubber-Based

Definition : Dental impression materials with elastomeric properties whose main component is rubber based. They are designed to make an accurate negative reproduction of a given area of the oral cavity. These dental impression materials consist of a base, a catalyst (also known as accelerator) and inner substances or plasticizers to make a paste of a consistency that will remain in an impression tray until polymerization has taken place. Rubber-based dental impression materials with fast setting time are available. They are not adhesive; therefore, a tray adhesive is needed to prevent the impression from pulling away from the tray. These dental impression materials are supplied in bulk, packages, and tubes. They are used in dental offices for making impressions of areas containing undercuts, especially for crowns, inlays, and removable and fixed partial dentures.

Entry Terms : "Rubber-Based Dental Impression Materials" , "Dental Impression Materials, Rubber-Based"

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