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Scanning Systems, Light, Dental Impression

Definition : Scanning systems designed to capture three dimensional (3D) in-vivo images of the topographical features of teeth using a combination of blue light emitting diodes (LEDs) and multiple lens optical systems. These systems typically consist of a wand including an intraoral video camera that is displaced along the dental arches, delivering light and capturing images from the teeth, a central unit that process the data and 3D images, and a monitor that displays the video images in real time. The systems simultaneously record the digital data corresponding to the images as a digital dental impression using dedicated software. Once the digital impression is assessed it is sent to a dental laboratory for conventional prosthesis manufacturing or to a computer-aided manufacturing milling machine, either locally at the dentist's office or in a dental laboratory, for automated manufacturing of the appropriate prosthesis.

Entry Terms : "Digital Dental Impression System" , "Dental Impression Light Scanning Systems" , "Dental Digital Impression Units" , "Scanning Systems, Light" , "Dental Prostheses CAD/CAM System Software"

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Dimensional Photonics International Inc

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Dimensional Photonics International, Inc. (DPI) is a leading developer of advanced three-dimensional (3D) measurement and shape capture technology. Originally conceived at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Lincoln Laboratory in the late 1990s, the proprietary technology is today among the most accurate and versatile 3D scanning technologies. The technology is protected by an extensive patent portfolio of over 30 patents.


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