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Environmental Disinfection Systems, Chemical, Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor

Definition : Systems that use hydrogen peroxide vapor (H2O2) as a chemical disinfectant that are designed to kill, remove, or render inert pathogenic microorganisms present in a closed environment and on hard inanimate surfaces and objects located in that environment (frequently limited to one room). These systems are intended to remove microorganisms from the environment (i.e., most viruses and bacteria, including mycobacteria) and may reduce other microbial forms such as spores. The systems utilize the formation of free radicals from H2O2 to kill the microorganisms; frequently the H2O2 vapors create a condensation over all surfaces at ambient room temperature. The systems are usually automated and include computerized capabilities that permit the operation and monitoring of the system from outside the processed room because of the toxic nature of the vapor. Hydrogen peroxide vapor environmental disinfection systems are intended for short-term use (e.g., from several minutes to a few hours) in patient rooms, operating rooms, and other healthcare facility closed areas; they are usually used after a terminal cleaning that is performed when a patient is transferred or discharged from a room.

Entry Terms : "Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor Environmental Disinfection Systems" , "Chemical Environmental Disinfection Systems"

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