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Environmental Disinfection Systems

Definition : Systems designed to kill, remove, or render inert pathogenic microorganisms present in a closed environment and on hard inanimate surfaces and objects located in that environment. These systems are intended to remove microorganisms from the environment (i.e., most viruses and bacteria, including mycobacteria) but not necessarily all microbial forms such as spores. There are several different technologies appropriate for use by the systems, including ultraviolet (UV) radiation using dedicated lamps (e.g., mercury, xenon) and systems using hydrogen peroxide vapors as a chemical disinfectant. Other less frequently used technologies (e.g., ozone gas) are also available. Environmental disinfection systems are intended for short-term use (e.g., from several minutes to a few hours) in patient rooms, operating rooms, and other healthcare facility closed areas. They are usually used after a terminal cleaning that is performed when a patient is transferred or discharged from a room.

Entry Terms : "Disinfection Systems, Environmental"

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Bioquell Inc

Bioquell specializes in the design, manufacture and application of complete bio-decontamination solutions for airborne and surface contamination in the healthcare, life sciences, food production and defense sectors.

Lumalier/Commercial Lighting Design Inc

Lumalier is the recognized leader in advanced UV Germicidal Air Disinfection products designed to benefit the Healthcare, Educational, Institutional, Commercial, Office and Residential markets. Lumalier is the industry benchmark for safe, healthy air disinfection and has been for over 47 years.

Xenex Healthcare Services LLC

Xenex was founded to significantly reduce the number of healthcare associated infections that destroy the lives of millions of patients and their families. We believe in our technology and the high level of service we deliver to our customers. The Xenex system is the fastest, safest, and most cost-effective way to automate room disinfection and increase patient safety.

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