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Height Measurement Instruments

Definition : Measuring instruments designed to measure the height of people or their length when they cannot stand up (i.e., infants). These devices may consist of mechanical instruments (e.g., height rods including mounting hardware) or electronic instruments that may include optical sensors and a separate display. Height/length measuring instruments usually give results in inches or metric values; mobile instruments (using wheels) and portable (typically foldable devices) are available. The instruments are used in doctors' offices, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities for routine evaluation of a person's height or length (typically infants and/or disabled people). Dedicated instruments used to measure the length of infants (known as infantometers) and for accurate assessment of the progress of children's growth (known as stadiometers) are also available; wall-mounted instruments are intended only to measure a person's height.

Entry Terms : "Height Measuring Instruments" , "Length Measuring Instruments"

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