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Software, Image Digitization System, Ophthalmic

Definition : Image digitization system software designed to operate system that process and store digital ophthalmic data and images obtained from a fundus camera, fluorescent angiography, and/or other source; the digitization system software also may and control/monitor a limited number of the system functions. This software usually interacts with devices used in the procedure, such as a digital video camera, digital storage recorders, and monitors. It may also perform a variety of algorithms to facilitate the operation and analysis of ophthalmic data and images obtained from the source. Ophthalmic digitization system software is intended to work only with one or a few models of ophthalmic digitization systems and related devices, usually supplied by the same manufacturer. This also facilitates the processing and/or sending of data from the digitization system to and from picture archiving and communication systems (PACS) and/or other hospital information systems. The software is not usually available separate from the ophthalmic digitization system but may be updated (i.e., through the release of modified versions) during the life of the equipment. Ophthalmic digitization system software permit the performance of a variety of computer assisted image procedures from images taken from fundus and fluorescing angiography cameras.

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