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Software, Laser Scanning, Optical Tomography

Definition : Laser scanning software designed to operate scanning systems that use interferometer techniques to obtain cross-sectional images of the retina and cornea (i.e., optical tomography) and control/monitor a limited number of their functions. This software is usually intended to work only with one or a few models of optical tomography scanning systems, usually supplied by the same manufacturer. The software performs a variety of algorithms to facilitate the analysis of measurements and images that reveal the underlying structure of the eye that are obtained during the scanning procedure and the sending/receiving of patient data from and to information systems. Optical tomography laser scanning system software is usually not available separate from the laser scanning system but may be updated (i.e., through the release of modified versions) during the life of the system. Dedicated optical tomography laser scanning system software with algorithms to derive the intraocular distances (geometric separation) based on the refractive of the structures of the eye is also available.

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Bioptigen Inc

Bioptigen has pioneered a new class of in vivo optical imaging systems for biomedical applications. These systems enable real-time non-invasive imaging of internal tissue microstructure, advancing critical applications in drug development, genetics research, tissue engineering, and medical vision.

Carl Zeiss Meditec Inc

Carl Zeiss Meditec is an integrated medical technology company with two main areas of business activity.

Heidelberg Engineering GmbH

Heidelberg Engineering GmbH

Heidelberg Engineering Inc

Heidelberg Engineering is a high tech medical device company which designs, manufactures, and distributes diagnostic instruments for eye care professionals. The company's products are used around the world by ophthalmologists and optometrists to scan patients' eyes for signs of disease and to assist in the management of patients found to have disease.

LightLab Imaging LLC

St. Jude Medical develops medical technology and services that focus on putting more control into the hands of those who treat cardiac, neurological and chronic pain patients worldwide. The company is dedicated to advancing the practice of medicine by reducing risk wherever possible and contributing to successful outcomes for every patient.

Optovue Inc

Optovue Corporation is an ophthalmic device company dedicated to working with eye care professionals and clinical researchers to lead the commercialization of new imaging modalities that improve diagnosis and therapy of ocular disease.

Topcon Medical Systems Inc

Topcon Medical Systems (TMS), based in Oakland, NJ, is a leading developer and supplier of diagnostic equipment for the ophthalmic community. Topcon's mission is to make impossible ideas possible, by constantly developing new optical and measurement technologies. Our goal is simple: to provide you with the most innovative equipment so that you can better serve your patients.

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