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Software, Physiologic Analysis, Neuromuscular Function, Dynamometric

Definition : Neuromuscular function analysis software designed to operate computerized dynamometric (i.e., muscle strength) analyzers, control/monitor a limited number of their functions, and/or process data obtained while testing. This software is intended to work with one or a few models of dynamometric neuromuscular analyzers, usually from the same manufacturer. The software performs a variety of algorithms to facilitate the operation and analysis of the measurements performed by equipment (e.g., constant length, resistance, or speed; known as isometric, isotonic, and isokinetic measurements respectively) while assessing dynamometric data, and/or while processing and or receiving information from hospital information systems. Dynamometric neuromuscular analyzer software is not usually available separate from the analyzer but may be updated (i.e., through the release of modified versions) during the life of the analyzer. Dedicated dynamometric neuromuscular function analyzer software intended for assessment of muscle strength in the extremities and/or the trunk is also available.

Entry Terms : "Dynamometric Neuromuscular Function Analysis Software"

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Myotronics-Noromed Inc

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Myotronics develops and manufactures state of the art evaluation and treatment devices for dentists. Myotronics has pioneered and lead this field, producing high quality products that have enabled what has come to be known as "Neuromuscular Dentistry" -- the gathering of additional scientific data to enhance the clinician's ability to diagnose complex cases of malocclusion.

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