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Operating Tabletops

Definition : Detachable tabletops designed for use as a component of surgical tables when used with common pedestals. Tabletops typically consist of a rectangular top made of metal, plastic, or a metal/plastic/carbon-fiber composite that is supported by a pedestal (e.g., central column, lateral supports) that may be fixed or mounted on a movable, swivel-caster base. The tabletop can also be transferred to trolleys to transport patients to and from the operating room. Tabletops and their individual segments are raised and lowered by mechanical gears or hydraulic piston systems using manual controls (e.g., cranks, foot pedals) or electronic controls (e.g., foot pedals, levers, remote-control units). Some multi-procedure operating tabletops can be configured for a variety of surgical specialties (e.g., general surgery, gynecology/urology, ophthalmology/ ear, nose, and/or throat [ENT]) frequently adding detachable accessories, while other tabletops cannot be configured and are designated for one type of surgical procedure. These tabletops are available both in adult and pediatric sizes.

Entry Terms : "Tabletops, Operating" , "Tabletops, Surgical" , "Surgical Tabletops"

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