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Bassinet Baskets

Definition : Container-like devices with low sides designed to provide an appropriate sleeping/resting/support surface for very young infants (i.e., neonates). These devices are intended to be used with infants during the first few days/weeks of life. Bassinet baskets can be made from a variety of materials. A common type of bassinet basket is made from clear plastic material and is designed to fit into the top of a bassinet frame/stand. Specialized bassinet baskets may be made from materials such as foam and may be designed for both support and transport of very small neonates.

Entry Terms : "Newborn Baskets" , "Infant Baskets" , "Positioning Aids, Neonatal Transport" , "Bassinet Cushions, Neonatal Transport" , "Kangaroo Care Support Cushions" , "Bassinet Baskets, Neonatal Transport" , "Neonatal Transport Baskets"

UMDC code : 25052


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Blickman Inc

have ever looked inside an operating room at a major hospital, chances are excellent you witnessed a host of components being handled by sturdy Blickman products.fluids and blankets maintained in a temperature-controlled Blickman warming cabinet, critical supplies transported in a Blickman case cart,operating instruments housed in a Blickman cabinet or console,intravenous bags hanging on a Blickman I.V. pole,diagnostic devices supported by a Blickman back table,surgical tools resting on a Blickman mayo stand, used linens disposed in a Blickman hamper.

Creche Innovations

Creche Innovations is a company dedicated to creating solutions for fragile infants and their caregivers. The term, Creche [krěsh] – (n), describes a group of young gathered together for care and protection; also symbolic of an infant crib, where a child is kept warm and protected.

NK Medical Products Inc

Novum Medical Products has been manufacturing and distributing quality pediatric hospital equipment since 1985. Our core products are made and assembled in USA. Novum provides industry-leading solutions in pediatric hospital beds, hospital cribs and bassinets, as well as patient transport products and hospital room furniture.

Pedicraft Inc

Pedicraft was founded in Jacksonville, Florida in 1966 by Dr. Richard Skinner to build a hospital crib that would meet the needs of the pediatric staff and provide safety to the patient.

Pedigo Products Inc

Pedigo's current product line consists of nearly two hundred items, including stools, instrument tables, I.V. stands, surgical case carts, exchange and distribution carts, bassinets and many other stainless steel and chrome items. Pedigo items can be found in the emergency rooms, exam rooms, operating rooms and sterile processing departments of the world's finest medical institutions.

Suburban Surgical Co Inc

At SSCI, we design, engineer and manufacture quality animal care equipment. We research the needs of the marketplace, design the best products to meet the needs, and manufacture all our products to exacting specifications to ensure they will provide excellent performance over the life of each item.

United Metal Fabricators Inc

We are committed to providing excellence for health care providers in service to their patients. For 55 years, our customers have relied upon the excellent construction, durability and reliability of UMF Medical products.

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