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Definition : Measuring instruments designed to detect and measure the magnetic flux strength (scalar magnetometers) and/or also its direction (vector magnetometers) close to the instrument. These devices typically consist of an electronic unit, magnetic field detectors, and a display that shows the value of the magnetic flux level (typically measured in milliweber or maxwell). Magnetometers are used mainly in healthcare facilities to measure weak magnetic fields around medical devices to determine if the magnetic field may produce any interference with the operation of the medical device; the instruments are also used to evaluate an appropriate location for new equipment that may be affected by magnetic fields (e.g., magnetic resonance imaging scanners).

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R B Annis Co Inc

Company Type: Parent

R.B. Annis Instruments, Inc. builds the finest precision demagnetizing and testing equipment available. Annis designs demonstrate a level of sophisticated simplicity that has earned them worldwide renown, and it is an unparalleled understanding of electro/magnetic design fundamentals which allows Annis engineers to build customized solutions for virtually every technical obstacle.

Wang NMR Inc

Company Type: Parent

Since 1984, We are specialized in custom design superconducting magnets for challenging new technology. Our engineering and production teams have manufactured the Ultra high field magnets (12 to 24 T), high resolution NMR magnets, world highest field open-air superconducting MRI magnet, functional MRI system, the world largest MHD magnet, magnetic separators, etc.

1-2 of 2 Match(es).


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