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Dressings, Nonimpregnated, Synthetic, Silicone

Definition : Synthetic dressings made of silicone. These dressings may consist of a plain silicone gel film or a knitted mesh (e.g., polymeric, frequently made of polyamide) that is bonded to a layer of soft silicone gel. Silicone dressings are self-adhesive to dry skin but not adhesive to wet wounds. Silicone-impregnated dressings are intended mainly to reduce hypertrophic and/or keloid scars.

Entry Terms : "Silicone Gel Dressings, Non-Impregnated" , "Silicone Sheet Dressings, Non-Impregnated" , "Silicone Dressings, Non-Impregnated" , "Nonadherent Dressings" , "Dressings, Nonadherent" , "Drain Sponges" , "Dressing Sponges" , "Surgical Dressing Pads" , "Nonadherent Dressing Pads"

UMDC code : 24853


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