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Dressings, Impregnated, Antimicrobial, Silver

Definition : Antimicrobial dressings impregnated with silver. The most common substrates used in these dressings are gauze, alginate, foam, hydrocolloid, and hydrogel. Silver-impregnated antimicrobial dressings reduce the number of and/or kill microorganisms (e.g., bacteria, fungi, viruses); they are intended mainly to reduce the risk of infections in wounds, burns, and skin grafts.

Entry Terms : "Cavity Dressings, Wound" , "Silver Dressings" , "Dressings, Cavity Wound" , "Dressing Sponges"

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Argentum Medical LLC

Silverlon antimicrobial silver dressings have been proven in multiple studies to decrease the rate of surgical site infections. Silverlon was developed for the U.S. military, where it is extensively used for treatment of burn and blast injuries.

Derma Sciences Inc

Derma Sciences, Inc. is a specialty medical device / pharmaceutical company focused on wound care. As fully integrated manufacturer, marketer and supplier of a complete line of products for wound and skin care, we have full lines of products in the following categories: Advanced Wound Care, Traditional Wound Care, Burn Care, Skin Care and Bathing, Specialty Securement and Closure Devices, and First Aid. With two wholly owned and operated manufacturing facilities in Toronto and China, we also offer exceptional contract manufacturing services for OEM or private label products.

Smith & Nephew Inc Wound Management

Smith & Nephew is a global medical technology business dedicated to helping improve people's lives. We have leadership positions in Orthopaedic Reconstruction, Advanced Wound Management, Sports Medicine and Trauma Orthopaedics Reconstruction - joint replacement systems for knees, hips and shoulders Advanced Wound Management - wound care treatment and prevention products used to treat hard-to-heal wounds Sports Medicine – minimally invasive surgery of the joint Trauma – products that help repair broken bones

Smith & Nephew srl

Smith & Nephew srl

Systagenix Wound Management

Test.......Wound healing isn't always straightforward. It takes a good amount of teamwork to diagnose, treat infection when present, rebalance the wound microenvironment and optimise moist wound healing.

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