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Irrigators, Wound, Ultrasound Debridement

Definition : Wound irrigators designed for automated or semiautomated irrigation, washing, and debridement of external wounds using irrigation and ultrasonic energy. These irrigators consist of a main electromechanical unit that typically includes a radio-frequency generator; a pump for irrigation with nonmedicated liquids (e.g., saline); controls for the temperature, pressure, and rate of irrigation; and frequently a splash shield to avoid accidental contamination. The units are coupled to dedicated handpieces with ultrasonic transducers and irrigation nozzles to facilitate easy removal of debris and necrotic tissue. Ultrasound debridement irrigators are used to remove damaged (e.g., necrotic) tissue and/or debris (e.g., dirt, foreign objects) in emergency departments and surgical rooms.

Entry Terms : "Wound Debridement/Irrigation Systems" , "Ultrasound Debridement Irrigators" , "Wound Irrigators, Ultrasound"

UMDC code : 24191


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Bionix Development Corp

Bionix Development Corporation has been a leader in the development, manufacturing and marketing of innovative medical devices and equipment. Bionix focuses on helping physicians and allied health professionals meet the high-pressure demands of a constantly changing health care environment.

Celleration Inc

Celleration, Inc., a privately held medical device company, was founded in 1999 to develop and commercialize its therapeutic ultrasound platform.

Misonix Inc

Misonix has long been at the forefront of ultrasound technology and is a world leader in the design, development, manufacturing, and marketing of ultrasonic surgical devices. Our innovative, ultrasonic platforms for surgical applications include aspirators for the removal of both soft and hard tissue, instruments for laparoscopic cutting and coagulation, devices for wound cleansing and debridement, products for precision bone cutting and sculpting, and liposuction instrumentation for improving body aesthetics.

PulseCare Medical LLC

PulseCare Medical takes pulse lavage out of the operating room and brings it to the patient's bedside with safety and cost efficiency.The PulseCare Medical Closed Pulse Irrigation™ system was founded by Dr. Patrick Marasco, an American Board Certified physician, specializing in wound cleaning and care and reconstructive plastic surgery.

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