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Laminar Air Flow Units

Definition : Equipment designed to displace the entire air mass within an enclosure with uniform velocity and parallel direction, distorted only by objects in the flow pathway. Typically, air is drawn from the environment into the system by the negative pressure created by a blower; air particles and liquid droplets are removed using high-efficiency particulate-air (HEPA) filters that usually can prevent the passage of particulate matter of 0.3 micron in size or larger with more than 99.99% efficiency, keeping a contamination level of less than 100 particles per cubic foot of particles of 0.5 micron or larger. The filtered air is then circulated into the enclosure (e.g., a cabinet, a room) and exhausted into the environment or recirculated into the enclosure using a system of blowers and air pathways. Laminar air flow is used in clinical laboratories (e.g., for handling cell cultures and human pathogens) and to isolate patients to avoid contamination, either to the patient or from the patient to health care providers. These units may be installed in existing rooms or supplied as an integral part of a cabinet.

Entry Terms : "Air Curtains" , "Clean Air Units"

UMDC code : 12268


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