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Reagents, Molecular Assay, Chromosome Anomaly, Trisomy

Definition : Molecular assay reagents intended for use in identifying the presence of three homologous chromosomes rather than the normal two (i.e., trisomy) in a patient sample. Congenital trisomies are typically characterized by physical and developmental disorders (e.g., trisomy in chromosome 21 is known as Down syndrome); acquired trisomies are usually the result of malignancy, tumors, and/or other disorders (e.g., trisomy in chromosome 12 is associated with chronic lymphocytic leukemia). Some individuals show mosaicism, a condition in which normal and three-chromosome cells are present in the same person.

Entry Terms : "Inborn Disorder Diagnostic Reagents" , "Aneuploidy Molecular Assay Reagents" , "Molecular Assay Reagents, Inborn Disorder" , "Tumor Markers" , "Trisomy Determination Reagents" , "Inborn Disorder Determination Reagents"

UMDC code : 24068


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