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Silicone Oil, Intraocular

Definition : Highly purified, sterile liquid silicone oil with specific gravity, refractive index, and surface tension characteristics appropriate for use as a temporary vitreous media replacement in intraocular operative procedures or for a longer term (e.g., several months). Silicone oil is usually supplied in sterilized pre-filled syringes or vials, the oil is injected into the cavity after the vitreous gel is withdrawn and it is usually removed after a few months. Intraocular silicone oil as vitreous humor replacement media is mainly used in the treatment of retinal detachments.

Entry Terms : "Silicone Oil" , "Vitreous Humor Replacement Media" , "Aqueous/Vitreous Humor Replacement Media, Silicone Oil" , "Intraocular Silicone Oil"

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NuSil, a global manufacturer of silicone-based materials for the healthcare, aerospace, electronics, and photonics industries and your vital partner in the materials world.

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