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Augmentation/Reconstruction Implants, Muscle, Biceps/Triceps

Definition : Muscle augmentation/reconstruction implants designed for augmentation and/or reconstruction of upper arm muscles. These implants are usually inserted in surgical pockets between the fascia and the existing muscles during plastic and/or reconstructive surgery; they are typically precontoured sections of synthetic (typically silicone) or, less frequently, biologic (i.e., autograft, allograft, xenograft) materials that reproduce the desired external shape and/or size of the biceps and/or triceps. Biceps/triceps implants are intended to improve the physical appearance and/or to correct abnormalities that are congenital or the result of illness or trauma.

Entry Terms : "Tricep Implants" , "Bicep Implants"

UMDC code : 23874


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