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Augmentation/Reconstruction Implants, Muscle, Pectoral

Definition : Muscle augmentation/ reconstruction implants designed for augmentation and/or reconstruction of the male pectoral muscles. The implants are usually inserted under the pectoral muscles during plastic and/or reconstructive surgery; the procedure is frequently performed through an opening in the armpit using either open or endoscopic surgery. These implants are typically precontoured sections of synthetic (typically silicone) or, less frequently, biologic (i.e., autograft, allograft, xenograft) materials that reproduce the desired external shape and/or size of the pectoral muscle. Pectoral implants are intended to improve the physical appearance or to correct abnormalities that are congenital or the result of illness or trauma.

Entry Terms : "Pectoral Augmentation Implants" , "Pectoral Muscle Implants" , "Pectoral Implants" , "Male Pectoral Implants"

UMDC code : 23873


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Through employee teamwork and effort with management support, we design, develop, manufacture, and market innovative medical products.

Allied Biomedical

Allied Biomedical is a manufacturer of body-contouring implants — including ContourFlex gluteal and calf implants and PowerFlex pectoralis implants — silicone carving blocks, and AlliedSil silicone sheeting and tubing.

Biomet Microfixation

Founded by Walter Lorenz more than thirty years ago, Biomet Microfixation manufactures a complete range of craniomaxillofacial products, including LactoSorb, the first completely resorbable fixation system available in the U.S. Other products include titanium plates and screws for craniomaxillofacial fixation as well as a complete line of instruments for craniomaxillofacial and orthopedic procedures.

Spectrum Designs Medical Inc

Spectrum Designs Medical is a designer, manufacturer and distributor of solid silicone facial, specialty and custom implants for the plastic and reconstructive surgery marketplace. We are committed to consistently ensure a high level of customer service and satisfaction in all products that we produce.

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