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Ergometers, Bicycle, Table-Mounted

Definition : Bicycle ergometers designed to measure the work (i.e., the amount of force multiplied by the distance over which the force is applied) or rate of work (i.e., power) performed by the leg muscles while pedaling, in supine position and under controlled conditions, a static bicycle that is attached to a table (the bicycle is usually an integral part of the ergometer). Table-mounted bicycle ergometers determine the work and power by measuring the force exerted to oppose pedaling (e.g., using mechanical or electromagnetic brakes) and the speed of the pedals of the static bicycle; the bicycle imposes a workload that is independent of the body weight. Table-mounted bicycle ergometers are used in tests intended to determine whether disabled or debilitated patients have cardiovascular or pulmonary diseases; they are frequently used in tests that include use of a stress exercise physiologic monitoring system. These ergometers permit the simultaneous evaluation of patients using gamma cameras.

Entry Terms : "Cyclic Exercisers" , "Examination/Treatment Table Ergometers" , "Ergometers, Examination/Treatment Table" , "Exercisers, Bicycle, Table-Mounted"

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