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Dynamometers, Hand Grip/Pinch Force, Bulb Squeeze

Definition : Dynamometers designed to measure the strength of a weak hand grip and/or the force exerted between the thumb and opposing finger or groupings of fingers when they are pressed tightly (i.e., pinch force), using small rubber or plastic bulbs that are squeezed. These dynamometers are manual, handheld instruments that include a handle with one of a set of small detachable bulbs that can be easily fitted to a calibrated gauge (e.g., a dial) to show the measured value of the force (usually in pounds, kilograms, or both); some instruments retain the values of the maximum force reading until reset. Hand grip/pinch force bulb squeeze dynamometers are intended mainly to measure the grasping power and pinch force in patients with severely impaired hands due to abnormalities or trauma and/or in children; they are used in physician's offices and for assessment during physical therapy treatments.

Entry Terms : "Bulb Squeeze Pinch Force Dynamometers" , "Dynamometers, Squeeze" , "Squeeze Dynamometers"

UMDC code : 23818


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