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Dynamometers, Pinch Force

Definition : Dynamometers designed to measure the force exerted by the thumb and an opposing finger or groupings of fingers when pressed tightly together. These dynamometers typically consist of a manual, handheld measuring instrument with a mechanism that resists the force applied by the hand (e.g., a bulb, hydraulic system) or a strain gauge transducer, a measuring device, and a display (e.g., a gauge) to show the measured value of the force (usually in pounds, kilograms, or both). Dedicated instruments using bulbs, hydraulic systems, and strain gauge transducers are available. The output of strain gauges may be sent to computers or other electronic devices for data processing and/or storage. Pinch force dynamometers are intended mainly for use in doctor's offices, for evaluation of hand trauma, and/or for assessment during physical therapy treatments.

Entry Terms : "Pinch Force Dynamometers"

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