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Exercisers, Computer-Aided Training, Balance

Definition : Computer-aided training exercisers designed to assess and train a patient for balance. These exercisers typically consist of a force platform with handle rails, a screen that displays biofeedback information, and a computerized unit that monitors, compares, and analyzes the user's performance using test (static or dynamic) modes and/or or trains patient with static or dynamic training modes. Computer-aided training balance exercisers display real-time, visual feedback on screens during the balance test or training that patients can use to adjust their posture and balance. The devices are intended to assess and/or improve balance and the body's ability to sense and regulate the posture and movements using sensory receptors (proprioception). Computer-aided training exercisers are used mainly for programmed exercises, training, and/or physical therapy and rehabilitation.

Entry Terms : "Computerized Balance Systems"

UMDC code : 23675


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