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Definition : Recorders designed to measure and record the timing and location of tongue contact with the hard palate during normal speech (i.e., electropalatography, also known as palatometry). These recorders typically include an artificial palate that is molded to fit the roof of the mouth, electrical contacts located on the lingual surface of the artificial palate, connectors to link the artificial palate to a computerized unit, dedicated software to process the information, and a recorder of the tongue-palate contact patterns synchronized with acoustic recording of the speech. Electropalatographs are intended for research, clinical studies, and assessment of speech therapy.

Entry Terms : "Palatometry Graphic Recorders" , "Tongue/Palate Contact Recorders"

UMDC code : 23501


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The company was founded in 1948 as Kay Electric Co. and was incorporated as a closely-held private corporation in 1970 under the name Kay Elemetrics Corp. The original partners, previously engineers at Bell Labs in Whippany, New Jersey, designed electronic measurement instruments used in industrial, university research, and military applications.

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