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Sterilization Process Indicator Kits, Biological

Definition : Sterilization process indicator kits designed for testing the effectiveness of a sterilization (e.g., steam) procedure. These kits consist of a standardized viable population of microorganisms (usually nonpathogenic bacteria or bacterial spores with high resistance to the mode of sterilization being monitored [i.e., a biological sterilization process indicator]) and an incubator (usually a water vapor unit) for testing the biological indicator after the sterilization process. Biological sterilization process indicators are used in clinical laboratories and/or other sterilization areas in a healthcare facility.

Entry Terms : "Biological Monitoring Systems, Sterilization Process" , "Contamination Testers, Sterilization Process" , "Bacteriological Monitors, Sterilization Process"

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Gloves By Web is a division of Auric Enterprises, Inc., a Michigan-based corporation. In addition to Gloves By Web, Auric Enterprises has two other operating divisions, Diack and Thorn Smith Laboratories. Diack, established in 1911, is a manufacturer of sterilization process indicators.

Sterilucent Inc

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