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Image Processors, Gel Quantifying

Definition : Image processors designed to quantitate and store images from laboratory gel substrates. These devices typically consist of a portable unit with a CCD (charge-coupled device) camera, filters, controls, image storage devices, display, and appropriate software; they are used mainly to take images from visible or ultraviolet transilluminators. Gel image processors are intended for temporary storage of images and/or transmission of information to digital computerized systems for storage or processing and/or to computer system peripherals (e.g., printers). Dedicated gel quantifying processors are available to quantitate several types of gel substrate images, such as fluorescent labels, bromide-stained agarose gels, and chemiluminescent and electrophoresis gels. Some processors are also capable of imaging chemiluminescent signals from nylon/nitrocellulose filters as well as gel-based images.

Entry Terms : "Gel Quantifying Image Processors, Laboratory" , "Chemiluminescence Substrate Image Processors" , "Nitrocellulose Filter Substrate Chemiluminescence Image Processors" , "Nylon Filter Substrate Chemiluminescence Image Processors"

UMDC code : 23446


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We are a division of the Synoptics Group, founded in 1985 by imaging experts from the University of Cambridge. At Syngene we live and breathe image analysis because products specifically for gel documentation and fluorescence/chemiluminescence imaging are all we've ever focused on developing. Our other divisions in the Synoptics Group, Synbiosis and Syncroscopy, develop imaging solutions for microbial and microscopy applications so we are complete life science imaging specialists.

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