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Prostheses, Upper Limb, Shoulder Component, Mechanical

Definition : Shoulder prostheses operated by mechanical power, usually supplied by other parts of the patient body (i.e., body-powered), and designed for partial functional (e.g., rotation, flexion) replacement of the shoulder of a completely missing limb (i.e., amputated above the shoulder articulation). These prostheses typically consist of external or partially implantable devices with a mechanism that provides rotational and flexion movements and locking positions at the distal end; they can be anchored directly to the scapula at the proximal (i.e., articulation) point. Mechanical shoulder component prostheses are typically used in combination with other upper limb distal components (e.g., elbow, wrist, hand) as total upper limb prostheses in patients who suffered amputations due to traumatic accidents or illness or, less frequently, in patients who have congenital abnormalities.

Entry Terms : "Mechanical Prostheses" , "Mechanical Prostheses, External Component"

UMDC code : 23387


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