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Sutures, Metallic

Definition : Sutures made of nonabsorbable (i.e., nonbiodegradable) metallic or/and metallic alloys. The type and material of a metallic suture depends on the size and location of the wound, the strength and period of use required, cosmetic effects desired, and/or other clinical or physical needs. These sutures are typically available in sterile monofilament or multifilament thread sections that may be attached to a single-use needle as an integral device; they usually keep their tensile strength for very long periods of time and are not absorbed by tissues. Stainless steel is by far the most used metallic suture, but other metals (e.g., silver, titanium) may be occasionally used for particular procedures (e.g., to permit magnetic resonance imaging of implants).

Entry Terms : "Sutures, Non-Biodegradable" , "Wire Sutures" , "Suture Wires" , "Sutures, Silver" , "Non-Biodegradable Sutures" , "Sutures, Nonabsorbable" , "Nonabsorbable Sutures"

UMDC code : 22910


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