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Sutures, Synthetic, Nonabsorbable

Definition : Synthetic sutures made of nonabsorbable (i.e., nonbiodegradable) polymeric (e.g., polyester, polypropylene, nylon) fibers. These sutures are typically available in sterile (either monofilament or multifilament, frequently braided) thread sections (e.g., 18, 30 in [45, 76 cm] long) attached to a single-use needle as an integral device; they are frequently colored for easy identification during surgery. Nonabsorbable synthetic sutures keep their tensile strength longer than two years, and complete absorption never occurs for most of these sutures; their intended use includes closure of infected wounds, vessel anastomosis, and prosthesis and implant fixation (anchoring).

Entry Terms : "Sutures, Non-Biodegradable" , "Non-Biodegradable Sutures" , "Sutures, Nonabsorbable" , "Nonabsorbable Sutures"

UMDC code : 22899


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