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Hospital Communication Systems

Definition : Systems designed for communication between staff members or staff and patients, as well as for the general public, in a healthcare facility. These systems consist of a central communication station with a power supply and switching capabilities and means to interconnect individual devices (e.g., telephones, pagers, loudspeakers) for transmission and/or reception of voice, messages, and/or pictures. Hospital communication systems may transmit signals using wires or may transmit signals using electromagnetism (e.g., radiofrequency, microwaves) through the air (i.e., wireless). Dedicated systems used for patient/staff communication (e.g., nurse call systems, pagers), interstaff communication (e.g., telephonic, message, paging), and/or general public announcements (e.g., loudspeaker systems) are available.

Entry Terms : "Communication Systems" , "Intercommunication Systems" , "Emergency Call Systems"

UMDC code : 22487


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