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Printers, Computer/Network, Laser, Monochromatic

Definition : Laser printers designed to produce a standard and/or high-definition, permanent, monochromatic text or graphic copy (i.e., hard copy) on full-size (e.g., letter, legal) and/or nonstandard, large-format paper or other appropriate media by adhering black toner (fine particles of plastic powder mixed with a carbon black agent) to a light-sensitive print drum using a laser source. The toner is transferred to the printing medium (usually common paper) using static electricity, and then the toner is fused to the paper using heat and pressure. These printers typically include a revolving photosensitive drum, a laser source (e.g., a laser diode), a toner cartridge, rollers that apply heat and pressure to the paper, a rubber blade to remove excess toner, controls, and paper trays. Monochromatic laser printers are intended mainly for use as computer peripherals and/or by computer network users, providing high-definition hard copies at a high printing speed.

Entry Terms : "Printers, Laser, Monochromatic" , "Printers, Laser, Black/White" , "Grayscale Laser Printers" , "Monochromatic Printers" , "Printers, Laser, Black"

UMDC code : 22201


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