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Reagents, Molecular Assay, Infection, Parasite, Trypanosoma cruzi, DNA

Definition : Molecular assay reagents intended to identify Trypanosoma cruzi, a species of protozoon of the suborder Trypanosomatina, by detecting specific genetic information of the deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) of the target parasite. Trypanosoma cruzi parasites cause Chagas' disease (American trypanosomiasis) in humans, characterized by an erythematous nodule (i.e., chagoma) appearing within a few days at the site of the inoculation. These parasites are transmitted to humans via insects, either from other humans or from animals (e.g., cats, dogs, rodents).

Entry Terms : "Trypanosoma cruzi Reagents, Identification" , "Trypanosoma cruzi Detection/Identification Reagents" , "Trypanosoma Species Reagents, Identification" , "American Trypanosomiasis Diagnostic Reagents" , "Sleeping Sickness Diagnostic Reagents" , "Trypanosomosis Diagnostic Reagents" , "Trypanosoma Species Detection/Identification Reagents" , "Chagas Disease Diagnostic Reagents"

UMDC code : 22153


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