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Refrigeration Chamber Equipment

Definition : Combinations of devices (units), ancillary devices, and accessories designed to provide low temperatures above the freezing point of water (i.e., 0 degrees Celsius [32 degrees Fahrenheit]), typically from 2 to 10 degrees Celsius (35 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit), to a walk-in enclosure (i.e., a chamber) especially designed for this purpose or conditioned from an existing healthcare facility room. This equipment typically consists of compressors, fans, evaporators, ducted-air distribution systems, thermometers, temperature controls, and warming systems to balance the temperature; it may also include a recording temperature chart and alarms for dependable long-term storage. The characteristics of the equipment depend on the size, location, and intended use of the chamber (e.g., food storage, laboratory, morgue).

Entry Terms : "Refrigeration System Equipment" , "Chambers, Refrigeration"

UMDC code : 22034


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Bally Refrigerated Boxes Inc

Bally had its beginnings in the case and cooler business seventy years ago in Bally, PA. Back then "iceboxes" were literally cooled by blocks of ice. Today, Bally Refrigerated Boxes, Inc. has a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Morehead City, NC and still retains a sales force in PA.

Felix Storch Inc

Felix Storch, Inc. was founded in 1969 and has been a leading supplier of compact, specialty, commercial, and medical refrigerators and freezers ever since. Our product line features over 600 models, including the industry's largest selection of built-in capable refrigerators and ADA compliant appliances designed to fit under lower counters. SUMMIT MEDICAL is dedicated to providing quality refrigeration for hospitals, medical clinics, laboratories, and other facilities with advanced cold storage needs.

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