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Gowns, Medical

Definition : Medical gowns are designed to be worn over clothing by healthcare providers, healthcare facilities staff, and visitors. These gowns are mainly intended to protect clothing from physical contamination such as splashes from bodily fluids, waste, drugs, chemicals, water used for bathing patients, and other fluids, liquids, or debris. These gowns are typically loose garments available in various sizes and styles (e.g., long sleeved, short sleeved, ankle-length, thigh-length, open or full back). They usually have have snap, tie, or Velcro closures. Medical gowns are made of light-weight, fluid resistant, and breathable materials. Both disposable and reusable medical gowns are available. Medical gowns are used in many areas of healthcare facilities including, but not limited to, examination rooms, operating rooms, procedure rooms, laboratories, and supply and preparation areas.

Entry Terms : "Gowns, Operating Room" , "Surgical Gowns"

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