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Brachytherapy Applicators

Definition : Devices designed to deliver therapeutic radioactive sources to, retrieve them from, and/or hold them at the treatment site; brachytherapy applicators typically include components such as hollow needles, tubes, catheters, holders, and/or templates. These applicators may be configured for manual or automated approaches (i.e., connected to a remote afterloading brachytherapy system) and may be placed using endoscopic or image-guided techniques. Brachytherapy applicators are typically used to treat malignant tumors on the surface of the body (i.e., topical) or within the body (e.g., interstitial, intracavitary, intraluminal). Dedicated applicators are available for use on a specific treatment site or with a particular afterloading system; some brachytherapy applicators are designed specifically to treat intravascular restenosis.

Entry Terms : "Applicators, Brachytherapy"

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Cianna Medical

The company manufactures and markets the SAVIĀ® breast brachytherapy applicator. Cianna's SAVI technology allows physicians to precisely target radiation to the area that needs it most, minimizing exposure to healthy tissue.1 Equally important, women can return to their normal family and work schedules after just 5 days of treatment.

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