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Image Storage Plates

Definition : Dedicated plates designed for temporary storage of latent images. These devices typically consist of a thin plate of translucent plastic material covered with an excitable compound (e.g., storage phosphor) used for storage of a latent image following exposure of the material to some type of radiation (e.g., x-ray, light). After exposure, the plates are transferred to reading devices that retrieve the information from the latent image and convert it to a digital signal.

Entry Terms : "Radiography Image Plates" , "Plates, Radiographic Image Storage"

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Alara Inc

Incorporated in 1994, Alara, Inc. designs, develops, manufactures, sells and services Computed Radiography (CR) imaging systems for a variety of applications. Applications include filmless dental x-ray, bone mineral density testing, filmless NDT x-ray, and general medical radiography.

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