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Cabinets, Filing, Pedestal, Fire-Resistant

Definition : Pedestal cabinets designed with appropriate insulation to provide resistance against fire. These cabinets are available in several classes according to the protection that they offer against external temperature for a predetermined time (e.g., 927 degrees Celsius/1,700 degrees Fahrenheit or 1,093 degrees Celsius/2,000 degrees Fahrenheit for one, two, three, or four hours), keeping the internal temperature at an appropriate value to preserve paper documents (typically below 176 degrees Celsius/350 degrees Fahrenheit). These cabinets frequently offer additional protection against dropping up to a maximum height (e.g., 9.1 m/30 feet) and/or include sealed gaskets to protect against water penetration. Fire safety pedestal cabinets are available in many different configurations and sizes.

Entry Terms : "Fire-Retardent Cabinets" , "Fire-Proof Cabinets" , "Fire-Resistant Cabinets" , "Fire Safety Cabinets"

UMDC code : 20635


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