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Towelettes, Personal, Skin/Personal Gear Decontamination

Definition : Towelettes intended for decontamination of chemical agents from the surface of the skin and personal gear (e.g., hoods, masks, gloves, protective garments) chemical neutralization. These towelettes are usually impregnated with a solution for oxidation of chemical agents, including mustard agents (e.g., H agents), nerve agents such as VX and the G series (e.g., Tabun [GA], sarin [GB]), and lewisite (L). Typically, the towelettes are supplied in a set of sealed pouches filled with inert gas. Gloves are worn when opening the pouches; the towelette solution is wiped on the contaminated area and then wiped off with a new, clean towelette. Chemical-agent decontamination towelettes are not intended for use on wounds or near the eyes or mouth. Decontamination towelettes are typically used by civil rescuers, firefighters, and military personnel.

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UMDC code : 20575


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