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Decontamination Kits, Personal Gear, Removal/Neutralization Resin

Definition : Individual gear (e.g., hood, mask, gloves, protective garment) decontamination kits designed to destroy, reduce, or neutralize chemical agents, toxic industrial materials, and/or radioactive materials; they are also effective for decontamination from biological agents. These kits typically include a set (usually four) of wipe-down mitts enclosed in separated protective packets. Each mitt is impregnated with a reactive and absorbent black resin. The resin is usually a mixture of a carbonaceous adsorbent, a polystyrene polymeric compound, and an ion-exchange resin. The decontamination is accomplished by opening the packet and scrubbing the contaminated device with the impregnated mitt; the contaminant agent is then absorbed by the resin and the mitt. These kits are used by civil rescuers, firefighters, and military personnel.

Entry Terms : "M295 Decontamination Kits"

UMDC code : 20571


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