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Decontamination Kits

Definition : Kits designed to decontaminate the skin and/or personal gear either by physical removal, chemical decontamination, or a combination of both. These kits are usually intended for decontamination from chemical (either warfare or toxic industrial) agents and radiation contaminated materials, and less frequently from biological agents. Decontamination kits typically include a ready-to-use and properly sealed decontamination agent and a set of applicators (e.g., pads, mitts) that permit quick and easy preliminary self-decontamination.

UMDC code : 20567


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Biodex Medical Systems Inc

Biodex Medical Systems, Inc., has been providing customers with innovative products and service excellence for 60 years. Our dedicated employees work as a team to bring the promise of functional and elegant design to life.

NC Systems Inc (Nuclear Cardiology Systems Inc)

NC Systems, Inc. has accumulated more clinical management experience than the combined experience of all other organizations. The management services specialize in cardiology and only NC Systems, Inc. fully understands the ramifications of referral modalities such as nuclear cardiology on the professional/financial health of a practice. Clients may contract for several levels of management consultation. These range from a total management review of the practice through specific aspects of practice management.

O'Dell Engineering Ltd

O'Dell Engineering Ltd

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