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Decontaminants, Chemical Neutralization, Catalytic Enzyme

Definition : Chemical-neutralization decontamination products consisting of a mixture of catalytic enzymes such as organophosphorous hydrolase or organophosphorous acid anhydrolase and other natural products. The catalytic property of the enzymes allow them to decontaminate many times their own weight of agent in a short time (either seconds or a few minutes). Enzymes with different properties and specificities can be mixed together in a single formulation, making them very effective against a variety of chemical agents (e.g., G-type and/or VX nerve agents, sulfur mustard) and also against biological agents (e.g., bacterial cells, anthrax spores).

Entry Terms : "Advanced Catalytic Enzyme (ACE) Systems" , "Catalytic Enzyme Decontaminants" , "Organophosphorous Acid Anhydrolase (OPAA) Decontaminants" , "Organophosphorous Acid Anhydrolase Decontaminants" , "Organophosphorous Hydrolase (OPH) Decontaminants" , "Organophosphorous Hydrolase Decontaminants" , "Advanced Catalytic Enzyme Systems (ACESs)" , "Advanced Catalytic Enzyme Systems"

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