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Detection Kits, Chemical Agent, Colorimetric Tube

Definition : Chemical agent detection kits that use enzymatic techniques and colorimetric tubes to identify chemical agents. These kits usually include a hand pump that draws a sample into a specific tube to determine the presence of the chemical agent, signified by a change in color. They are very sensitive tools to detect nerve agents (e.g., VX and G series such as tabun and sarin) and blister agents such as mustard and lewisite. Some kits can also detect blood agents, including cyanide products such as hydrogen cyanide and cyanogen chloride. More than 100 substance-specific reagent tubes are available. Some kits include an optical device to facilitate identification. The method typically used is an enzymatic substrate-based reaction; the presence of agents is indicated by a specific color change. The kits are an inexpensive, fast, and simple method of detecting chemical agents, but some knowledge is required of the agent that is likely to be present in the environment. Chemical agent detection kits are used by healthcare workers, rescuers, firefighters, and other personnel for rapid detection in contaminated or potentially contaminated areas.

Entry Terms : "Colorimetric Tube Chemical Agent Detection Kits"

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