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Modular Medical Facilities, Mobile, Personnel Shower/Decontamination

Definition : Mobile medical facilities designed for decontamination of people from chemical agents, including mustard (H agent), nerve agents such as VX and the G series (including tabun [GA] and sarin [GB]), toxic industrial materials, and some biological agents. These facilities typically include separate areas for disposal of contaminated clothes, washing, and redressing; they may include several showerheads, water-heating capacity, decontamination-solution injectors, and a climate-controlled environment. Mobile medical facilities for decontamination provide a rapid solution in the event of massive emergency situations (e.g., chemical or other biohazardous spills) involving individuals potentially contaminated with bloodborne pathogens, chemicals, or other biohazardous substances.

Entry Terms : "Shower Shelters" , "Modular Mass Casualty Decontamination Systems" , "Decontamination Shower Shelters" , "Decontamination Shelters" , "Decontamination Shower Systems" , "Modular Decontamination Systems" , "Decontamination Mobile Facilities"

UMDC code : 20341


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Advanced Containment Systems Inc

Advanced Containment Systems, Inc. (ACSI) designs and manufactures products to address the restroom and shower trailer, homeland security, abatement, and military industries. Our technology was initially developed to support collection and cleanup of hazardous materials associated with the nuclear and chemical industries.

DHS Systems LLC

FSI North America

(FSI), and its' wholly owned subsidiary FSI North America are involved in the WMD, Life Safety, Hazmat, Decontamination, Mass Casualty, Medical, EMS, and Fire Fighting markets around the world. FSI Portable, Mobile, and Fixed Decontamination Emergency Shower Systems, Shelters, Isolation Shelters, Medical Surge Capacity/Field Hospital Systems, and Accessories are designed to meet the rapid response demands of Homeland Protection personnel worldwide. FSI follows a corporate mandate that extends to all products offered - that is - FSI will strive to continually offer superior products in terms of quality and performance, at a fair market price.

MITI Mfg Co Inc

MITI portable decon spray hoops are durable with light-weight construction for rugged use, designed for quick set-up on site. Miti Manufacturing offers a complete line of the highest quality decontamination equipment including, the hoop, pool, pump, multi-manifold, and more.

Nor E First Response Inc

Nor E engineers and manufactures technically correct Decontamination Trailers. Our customer base includes the Veteran's Administration hospital system, Kaiser Permanente, The US Army, The National Guard CERFP/ CST, as well as hundreds of US federal, state, county, and city response agencies, the Australian EMA, the Government of China and Government of Canada.

Normeca A/S

Normeca A/S

Normeca Asia

Normeca Asia

North American Rescue Products Inc

North American Rescue (NAR) is dedicated to decreasing preventable death by providing the most effective and highest quality mission critical medical products to our military, federal agencies, civilian law enforcement, EMS and pre-hospital life savers. We design, develop and test these products based on the military's Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) guidelines, Rescue Human Factors engineering, evidenced based medicine and an in-depth understanding of the requirements from you – our customers.

SMH Products Ltd

SMH Products Ltd

UniFold Shelters Ltd

Western Shelter Systems

Western Shelter Mobility Systems manufactures custom vehicles to help you complete your mission wherever it may occur. Our dedicated team combines knowledge and skill to create a vehicle that provides the maximum utilization of space efficiency, and functionality for your budget.


ZUMRO, Inc. designs, manufactures and supplies Inflatable Air Shelters and Decon Systems to First Responders, First Receivers, Hospital, Military and Law Enforcement worldwide.

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