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Monitors, Compressed Air/Gas, Multigas

Definition : Compressed air monitors designed to measure and display simultaneously several gas concentrations. These monitors typically include sensors (e.g solid state, electrochemical, infra-red), electronic circuitry, and a display; they may also include alarms, recording capabilities, and/or a transmitter for remote central monitoring. Multigas compressed air monitors are used for continuous measuring the concentration of gases (e.g. oxygen, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, nitrogen dioxide).

Entry Terms : "Multiple Medical Gas Monitors" , "Multiple Medical Gas Monitors, Respired/Anesthetic"

UMDC code : 20191


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Enmet Corp

ENMET Corporation, an independent company founded in 1970, manufactures oxygen monitors, toxic and combustible gas detectors and related equipment. Products range from compressed air line monitors to portable detectors and continuous multi-channel fixed systems for a wide variety of hazardous gas conditions.

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